Foundation for Medical Research at Umeå University

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Unfortunately, information about the foundation – Insamlingsstiftelsen för medicinsk forskning vid Umeå universitet – is only available in Swedish.

Medical Research at Umeå University

Medical research in Umeå has a strong tradition within genetics and molecular biology. We have good knowledge about hereditary, so-called "Norrland diseases", but also about infections and common public diseases – diabetes, heart failure and various forms of cancer, and more.

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Contact Information

Do you have questions about the Foundation for Medical Research at Umeå university?

Pia Lundin
Financial Office, Umeå University

Tel +46 90-786 59 91


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS researchers at Umeå University accepted the "2015 Ice Bucket Challenge" with the intention of raising awareness for the neurodegenerative disorder.
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